This blog is a collection of moments from a traveler who always miss her home. These moments were happened somewhere in between 2010 until today as her current life. As a pre aim, she might not be able to remember the dates or even the name of the places, but she guarantee that she can recall the emotion of each moments by heart. S
he took almost all of the picture, usually the one which you cannot find her face on it. S
he has travelled into four continents, 25 countries, more than 40 cities around the world and still counting.

By the way, her name is Merriska.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Marie Antoinette Village, Nearby Paris, French

She felt like she was in her own movie. She did not plan to have meals during her visit, but she felt uncomplete to enjoy such a good view without any good food. Soulgasmic.

About Her

For her, traveling always becomes such a contemplative journey. She thinks it’s the only opportunity when she is freely allowed to connect with nature, experience the story of the city and learn something from the local that could transform her life forever. She doesn’t mind to have a company or more during her journey, even though she knows herself well enough that she will enjoy outmost of her journey when she could do it alone for a while. She just love to the idea when she travels, she doesn’t have to be bother about what to wear, how does she looks like even when she has not taking a shower for days and still no need to put any concern of being interfered by any kind of judgment.

Ouarzazate, Marocco

She thought that she was able to do time travel when she was in the middle of this ancient city. She was overwhelmed. She almost made it to the Sahara Desert but she was upset because she did not has enough time. She knew that she should be grateful for the Atlas Mountains that she could enjoy during the journey, but that time, she just can't wait to feel the dessert.

Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest

She felt like in the middle of fairytale. The whitey snow, cold weather, and one of her good friend could not be more than such a perfect companion to enjoy the folklore feels.

Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid, Spain

She is never been a huge fan of football sport. She just could not say no to EUR 11 ticket to feel the hype and to experience yelling and waving around with the people that yelled by heart to support their favorite team just like a national hero. Ah, Messi was there too, by the way.

One of The Harvard Library, Boston, USA

She was standing nervously there. She never thought that finally she could put a step in one of her dream (and almost impossible) school. Though it was such a short visit, but it took a long, long time to move on.

Rhodes Island, Greece

It was her birthday trip in Summer 2011. She was enjoying Greece all alone, pampering herself with such a nice Moussaka and other Greek Dishes that she could not even recall a name, and having her first donkey ride. Yes people, it is a donkey, not a horse.

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